What do Student Ambassadors do?

As students who understand the benefits of higher education and who share in the value and promise that our collective northern voices have in a globalized world, UArctic Student Ambassadors provide invaluable insight by advocating the opportunities that the UArctic network offers and by highlighting what it is to be a student whose interests are in, of and for the North.

As student leaders, UArctic’s Student Ambassadors are in an excellent position to take the pulse of what Northern and Arctic issues their fellow students are interested in. In addition, the Ambassadors function as a sounding board for elected student representatives on UArctic’s Board of Governors to, for example, test new ideas or define courses of action for acceptance or applicability within the activities of the UArctic network.

For individual UArctic Student Ambassadors, the ambassadorship also provides great opportunities to interact with a range of stakeholders’ from around the Circumpolar north, as well as to help them expand their Arctic identity, build self-confidence and encourage personal development, while helping them improve their communication skills in preparation for future employment.

Meet our Student Ambassadors

Nominated by their home institutions, each UArctic Student Ambassador is appointed by UArctic’s Board of Governors for a three-year term. The first group of UArctic Student Ambassadors was appointed in October 2014, and the second in March 2016.