Co-host UArctic members, the University of Iceland, Agricultural University of Iceland, Bifröst University, Hólar University, Iceland University of the Arts, Reykjavik University, University Centre of the Westfjords, and the University of Akureyri are happy to invite all member representatives to participate in the 2nd annual meeting of the Assembly of UArctic.

The 2021 Assembly meeting will be held online and will begin in the afternoon (Iceland time). The meeting will be recorded and posted afterwards on this page. 

There is no registration necessary to attend the meeting, however the voting process for all agenda action items will be limited to one representative vote per member institution.

From these 2021 Assembly meeting webpages you will find additional information on the meeting schedule, meeting agenda, and voting procedures (see left side-bar menu).  

For questions please contact the UArctic International Secretariat



* All Assembly member representatives will be contacted directly (by e-mail) during key stages of the meeting preparation process. To see who the representatives are for a given member institution, go to our Member Profile page page and select the country and the member in question. The member representatives are listed under Contract information (on the right). To change your institution's contact person and/or contact information, please send us an e-mail with details to