April 15th     Assembly meeting Invitation, Program and Agenda:

All member representatives* on the Assembly of UArctic were sent the full meeting program and agenda, including all action item proposals and reference documents via e-mail. Which also included a link to register to the online Assembly meeting (which is free of charge). Register here: Home | UArctic Assembly (  

April 15th to 25th     Agenda - Comments period:

During this period, member representatives had the opportunity to review and submit comments on all agenda items, in particular on action item proposals. Afterwards, if needed, agenda item details would be updated based on comments received. Comments and questions on meeting agenda items were to be sent to the UArctic International Secretariat / before the end of the comments period. Note: No comments were received during this period.

April 28th to May 9th     Agenda - Voting period:

During this period, one representative from each UArctic member institution or organization had the opportunity to vote online on all agenda action items. On April 28th, member representatives received an e-mail message with instructions and a link to the on-line voting platform. For a detailed overview of the meeting rules and voting procedures, see the agenda item 1: Introduction to 2021 Assembly meeting Rules and Procedures. Note: Voting results will be announced during the meeting on May 14th. 

May 14th      2nd Meeting of the Assembly of UArctic:

The 2021 annual members online meeting will begin at 9:00 am (UTC/GMT Iceland time) and will conclude at latest 1:00 pm / 13:00. The Assembly meeting will open with welcoming addresses, followed by an introductory session “UArctic Today” providing an overview of UArctic and some of its activities. The Assembly’s business agenda will then be handled in subsequent sessions, during which Officers of the Assembly will present each agenda item, announce the voting results, and confirm the final decisions. Note: The entire Assembly meeting will be recorded, and made available on these Assembly meeting webpages for members to view at a later time/date.

The Meeting Minutes will be drafted / signed / shared with members in early June.


* Assembly member representatives are contacted directly (by e-mail) during key stages of the meeting preparation process. To see who the representatives are for a given member institution, go to our Member Profile page and select the country and the member in question. The member representatives are listed under Contract information (on the right). To change your institution's contact person and/or contact information, please send us an e-mail with details to