About voting process

After receiving the full agenda and all action item proposals (on 29 April), members will first have 9 days to review and comment on all agenda items. The deadline for comments is 8 May, and the comments can be made by email to UArctic International Secretariat. Then, starting on 12 May, the members, who will not be able to participate the Assembly meeting on site, will have 10 days to pre-vote on all action items in the agenda. The members who participate the Assembly meeting will vote during the actual meeting days (1-3 June).

Meeting Agenda

  1. Opening of meeting

  2. Introduction to Meeting Rules & Voting Procedures: validity, rights, proposals & voting procedures

  3. Approval of Meeting Agenda and Selection of Officers (Action item) [Proposal 3]

  4. UArctic Reports:

    4.1 Report from the President

    4.2 Report from the Board of UArctic 

  5. UArctic Membership:

    5.1 Introduction to New Member Applicants 2022

    5.2 Approval of new Arctic Members of UArctic (Action item) [Proposal 5.2]

    5.3 Approval of new Non-Arctic Members of UArctic (Action item) [Proposal 5.3]

  6. Elections of Board Members:

    6.1 Election of Board Chair (Action item) [Proposal 6.1]

    6.2 Election of Board Members to 2nd and 3rd term (Action item) [Proposal 6.2]

    6.3 Election of new Board Members (Action item) [Proposal 6.3]

    6.4 Election of Board Student Representative (Action item) [Proposal 6.4]

  7. Breakout sessions I

  8. UArctic Finances:

    8.1 Approval of Financial Statements and Auditor Report 2021 (Action item) [Proposal 8.1]

    8.2 Approval of UArctic Annual Report 2021 (Action item) [Proposal 8.2]

    8.3 Verification of UArctic Operating Budget 2022 (Action item) [Proposal 8.3]

    8.4 Approval of UArctic Membership fees 2023 (Action item) [Proposal 8.4]

    8.5 Approval of Establishment of Other Restricted Reserves (Action item) [Proposal 8.5]

  9. Endorsement of UArctic Thematic Networks:

    9.1 Introduction to New Thematic Network Applications

    9.2 Approval of new Thematic Networks 2022 (Action item) [Proposal 9.2]

    9.3 Approval of provisional Thematic Networks 2021 (Action item) [Proposal 9.3]

  10. Breakout sessions II

  11. Discussion: Current challenges and the new future of the Arctic

  12. Election of Assembly Officers (Action item) [Proposal 12]

  13. Election of Nominations Committee Member (Action item) [Proposal 13]

  14. Election of Avatitsinni Committee Member (Action item) [Proposal 14]

  15. Invitation to join the Friends of UArctic (Action item) [Proposal 15]

  16. Approval of Amendments to Bylaws (Action item) [Proposal 16]

  17. UArctic Endorsement: UArctic Avatitsinni Committee (Action item) [Proposal 17]

  18. UArctic Endorsement: United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) (Action item) [Proposal 18]

  19. Indigenous Youth session

  20. Update on Plans for the next Assembly Meeting 2023 (Action item) [Proposal 20]

  21. Update on Plans for the Assembly and Congress 2024 (Action item) [Proposal 21]

  22. Other Business - Announcements

  23. Closing of meeting


The agenda is subject to changes.

To see full meeting program, please visit Program page.

Final Meeting Documents, including agenda, program, proposals and supporting documents will be distributed by e-mail to all Assembly representatives* by May 1, 2022.

* All Assembly member representatives are contacted directly (by e-mail) during each stage of the meeting preparation process. To see who the representatives are for a given member institution, go to the Member Profile page and select the country and the member in question. The member representatives are listed under Contact information (on the right).