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Wednesday, June 1

University of Southern Maine, Abromson Center (Abromson Community Education Center, 88 Bedford St, Portland, ME 04101, United States)

8.00                 Breakfast and registration

9.30                 Welcome 

9.45               Assembly Business - Session 1. Location: Hannaford Hall

1. Opening of meeting

2. Introduction to Meeting Rules & Voting Procedures: validity, rights, proposals & voting procedures

3. Approval of Meeting Agenda and Selection of Meeting Officers

4. UArctic Reports

4.1 Report from the President

4.2 Report from the Board of UArctic

5. UArctic Membership

5.1 Introduction to New Member Applicants 2022

11.00               Coffee break, Networking with New Member Applicants

11.30               Assembly Business - Session 2 Location: Hannaford Hall

5.2 Approval of new Arctic Members of UArctic

5.3 Approval of new Non-Arctic Members of UArctic

6. Elections of Board members

6.1 Election of Board Chair

6.2 Election of Board Members to 2nd and 3rd term

6.3 Election of new Board Members

6.4 Election of Board Student Representative

12.00              Lunch

13.00              Breakout 1: Information sessions

      • Developing new Thematic Networks (Wishcamper Center, Room 133)
      • Project funding (Abromson Center, Hannaford Hall)
      • Promoting your activities through UArctic (Wishcamper Center, Room 211/211A)
      • Joining and engaging with UArctic's mobility program north2north (Abromson Center, Room 109/110)
      • UArctic research diplomacy and research initiatives: UArctic Chairs and Mimir (Wishcamper Center, Room 102)

14.00              Breakout session reports

14.30              End of the day program

Thursday, June 2

University of New England, Innovation Hall (772 Stevens Avenue, Portland, ME)

8.00                Breakfast

9.00                Welcome

9.10                Assembly Business - Session 3

8. UArctic Finances

8.1 Approval of Financial Statements and Auditor Report 2021

8.1 Approval of UArctic Annual Report 2021

8.3 Verification of UArctic Operating Budget 2022

8.4 Approval of UArctic Membership fees 2023

8.5 Approvla of Establishment of Other Restricted Reserves

9. Endorsement of UArctic Thematic Networks

9.1 Introduction to New Thematic Network Applications

9.2 Approval of new Thematic Networks 2022

9.3 Approval of provisional Thematic Networks 2021

10.55               Coffee Break, membership fee info desk open

11.15               Breakout 2: Networking and development sessions

      • Indigenization in higher education and research (Innovation Hall 101)
      • UArctic actions on Sustainability (Alumni Hall, Detmer Room)
      • The "New-Normal/Post-COVID" landscape in higher education and research (Alumni Hall, Newberry Room)
      • Internships and skills training (Innovation Hall 102)
      • How to improve member engagement in UArctic meetings (Innovation Hall main meeting area)
      • UN SDG's card game (Innovation Hall 201)

12.00               Breakout session reports

12.30               Lunch

Friday, June 3

University of New England, Innovation Hall (772 Stevens Avenue, Portland, ME)

8.00                 Breakfast 

9.00                 Roundtable discussion: The New Future of the Arctic

10.30               Coffee Break, membership fee info desk open

11.00               Assembly Business - Session 4

12. Election of Assembly Officers

13. Election of Nominations Committee Member

14. Election of Avatitsinni Committee Member

15. Invitation to join the Friends of UArctic

16. Approval of Amendments to UArctic Bylaws

17. UArctic Endorsement: UArctic Avatitsinni Committee

18. UArctic Endorsement: United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)

12.15                 Lunch

13.15                 Assembly Business - Session 5

19. Indigenous Youth Session

20. Update on Plans for the Next Assembly Meeting 2023

21. Update on Plans for the Assembly and Congress 2024

22. Other Business and Announcements

23. Closing the Meeting

15.15                 End of the Meeting

Note: The program is subject to changes