Final Meeting Documents, including agenda, program, proposals and supporting documents will be distributed by e-mail to all Assembly representatives* and registered meeting participants on January 27th.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting in Copenhagen!

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2020 Assembly Meeting - AGENDA

Agenda Items

1.     Opening of Assembly Meeting

2.     Introduction to Meeting Rules: validity, rights, proposals & voting procedures

3.     Approval of Meeting Agenda and Selection of Examiners (action item)

4.     Approval of Membership Registry (action item)

5.     Approval of Constitution & Bylaws (action item)

6.     Election of Assembly Officers (action item)

7.     Board of UArctic:

  7.1   Election of Board Chair (action item)

  7.2   Election of Board Members (action item)

  7.3   Election of Student representatives (action item)

8.      Assembly Committees:

  8.1    Election of Nominations Committee members (action item)

  8.2    Election of Indigenous Issues Committee members (action item)

9.      Report from President

10.    UArctic Strategic Plan 2030 – Process update

11.    UArctic Finances:

  11.1  Election of Auditing Firm (action item)

  11.2  Approval of Membership Fee Structure (action item)

  11.3  Approval of Finance Report 2019 (action item)

  11.4  Approval of Operating Budget 2020 (action item)

  11.5  Authorization for a Fundraising Campaign (action item)

12.    UArctic Membership  

  12.1  Introduction of new Member Applicants

  12.2  Approval of New Arctic Members (action item)

  12.3  Approval of New Non-Arctic Members (action item)

13.    UArctic Thematic Networks

  13.1  Introduction of Proposed New Thematic Networks

  13.2  Approval of New Thematic Networks (action item)

14.    Invitation to join Friends of UArctic (action item)

15.    Approval of Plans for Next Assembly Meeting 2021 (action item)

16.    Information on UArctic Congress 2020

17.    Announcements - Closing of Meeting


* All Assembly member representatives are contacted directly (by e-mail) during each stage of the meeting preparation process. To see who the representatives are for a given member institution, go to the Member Profile page and select the country and the member in question. The member representatives are listed under Contract information (on the right).