In preparation for the upcoming 22nd Meeting of the Council of UArctic, member representatives are invited to review and comment on individual action item proposals (see links to the 14 individual proposals in the agenda below).

Comments can be submitted using the public comments section at the bottom of this webpage, or sent directly to Either way, please be sure to refer to the agenda item(s) in question when sending your comments.

This review and comments period is open until July 15th.

Final Meeting Documents, including agenda, program, proposals and supporting documents will be distributed by e-mail to all Council member representatives* and other meeting participants on September 4th.

We thank you in advance for your time and contributions, and we look forward to seeing many of you at the Council meeting in September 2019!

UArctic International Secretariat /



2019 Council Meeting Agenda

Note: As per UArctic Bylaws, sub-section 2.3, only Arctic Members can vote on agenda items 4, 7.2, 7.3, 8.1, 8.2, 9.1 and 9.3.

Meeting Agenda Items

1.  Introduction to Council meeting Proposals and Voting Procedures

2.  Approval of Meeting Agenda (Action item)

3.  Approval of Minutes from 21st meeting of Council of UArctic (Action item)

4. Election of Council Officers – Secretary (Action item)

5.  UArctic Reports

5.1  Report from the President

5.2  Report from the Board

6.  Endorsement on Establishing UArctic as a legal entity – UArctic Association (Action item)

7.  UArctic Membership

7.1  Introduction to New Member Applicants 2019

7.2  Election of New Arctic Members of UArctic (Action item)

7.3  Election of New Non-Arctic Members of UArctic (Action item)

8.  Council Committees

8.1  Election of Member to Indigenous Issues Committee (Action item)

8.2  Election of Member to Nominations Committee (Action item)

9.  Elections to UArctic Board of Governors

9.1  Re-Election of Members to the Board of UArctic (Action item)

9.2  Election of New Members to the Board of UArctic (Action item)

9.3  Election of Board Student Representative (Action item)

10.  Invitation to join the Friends of UArctic (Action item)

11.  UArctic Thematic Networks

11.1  Introduction to proposed New Thematic Networks

11.2  Approval of Provisional Thematic Networks (Action item)

11.3  Approval of New Thematic Networks (Action item)

12.  Plans and Dates for UArctic Congress 2020

13.  Other Business / Announcements


* All Council member representatives are contacted directly (by e-mail) during each stage of the meeting preparation process. To see who the Council representatives are for a given member institution, go to the Member Profile page and select the country and the member in question. The member representatives are listed under Contract information (on the right).