Appointed individuals from member institutions and organizations form the Council of UArctic. The Council functions as the member forum for consultation, cooperation and for the implementation of UArctic programs through the member institutions.

All members may participate in and lead the development and delivery of UArctic program activities.

Representation on the Council of UArctic

All members can appoint up to two persons to represent their institution on the Council of UArctic.

All members have equal rights of representation on the Council, with each member having one representative and one alternate. Each member is entitled to develop its own procedures for selecting its representative and alternate on the Council. We recommend that all UArctic members have one representative and one alternate to ensure smooth communication.

All members have equal nomination and voting rights, with the exception that only Arctic members can vote on changes to UArctic’s bylaws, on UArctic’s membership, and in elections of Council Officers, Council Committee members, and Board members.

Role of Council Representatives

The main role of a Council member representative is to promote UArctic and its activities within their respective home institutions. In addition, member representatives have a responsibility to:

  • Identify the needs and potential for greater UArctic involvement;
  • Facilitate the expansion of UArctic contacts and networking;
  • Ensure that key UArctic messages and requests (e.g. nomination calls, notices for membership fee payment) are followed up at the institution;
  • Communicate Council decisions to home institution;
  • Make decisions on behalf of home institution at annual Council meetings; and
  • Participate in UArctic’s governance through elected positions (Officers, Committee Chairs and members, etc.)