As part of a new program to build international research collaboration, Nutall will be heading to Finland at the end of July for one year to study human-environment relations in the circumpolar North. 

The professorship is a five-year award of 1.4 million Canadian dollars to build research collaboration between the University of Alberta and the University of Oulu – two active members of UArctic –, as well as other Nordic institutions and universities in northwest Russia. The Academy of Finland selected Nuttall as one of 16 recipients from more than 100 nominations worldwide.

During his professorship, Nuttall hopes to develop innovative ways of thinking about human-environment relationships in northern regions. His research focuses on energy and resource development, climate change and the resilience of communities in northern regions, with the aim of providing the general public with a deeper understanding of how the circumpolar North is inextricably linked to the rest of the globe.

The project will continue for another four years after his return to Edmonton. During that period, Nuttall will be involved with summer schools and graduate field schools in both Canada and Finland, allowing for greater student mobility between the two countries.
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