ARCFACWe invite scientific research proposals within all fields of Arctic environmental research, specifically within the following disciplines:


  • Marine and terrestrial biology
  • Climate research in the troposphere and stratosphere
  • Surface phenomena, snow and ice
  • Geodesy and space geodesy
  • Air quality research and arctic pollution
  • Multidisciplinary environmental sciences
Please go to the programme’s website at: for details (eligibility criteria, application forms, deadlines, content of scientific project proposals, terms of access and funding etc.). Proposals should be submitted directly via the website (preferable) or by e-mail (
The submission deadlines each year are: 31 March and 30 September (last round of the proposal submission: 31 March 2010).
Contact: ARCFAC Secretariat, Norwegian Polar Institute, N-9171 Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway
Phone: +47 7902 2611; Fax: + 47 7902 2604; Email: