University of AkureyriThe Master's Program will provide a unique focus on Polar Law. It will emphasize certain chapters of public international law, such as environmental law, the law of the sea, issues of sovereignty and boundary disputes on land and sea, natural resources law, rights of indigenous peoples of the north, self-determination, home rule and good governance, and land and resource claims in the circumpolar regions.

The program comes about in a timely fashion when climate change provides a dramatic impact on the Arctic and Antarctic regions; when natural resource-extracting and transportation companies acquire access to the natural riches of the continental shelf of the arctic seas and to the northwest and northeast passages; when current and potential boundary disputes on land and sea remain unresolved; when issues concerning the improvement of national and local governance are stepping forward on national and international agendas; and not least, when multiple threats to the environment are raising serious concerns and calling for urgent measures. The program will also look at the history of Antarctica's legal regime and will discuss whether the solutions it offers can be used in the Arctic.

Graduate students have the option to carry out research for a Master's thesis. The research should constitute an individual and independent effort in a chosen area of specialization within Polar Law.

In connection with this program, the University of Akureyri will work closely with the Universities in Rovaniemi, Torshavn and Nuuk. It will also cooperate with the University of the Arctic and Universities in Alaska, Canada and Russia. It will seek ties with the Universities in Copenhagen, London, Lund, Oslo, Tromso and Turku.

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