International Polar YearPolar Days are designed as a way for teachers and their classes to learn more about the polar regions and connect directly to polar researchers through simple, fun, and accessible activities. (Educators whose schools are currently on holiday are encouraged to bookmark the information for use when school resumes.)

And while Polar Days are primarily aimed at teachers and students, anyone interested in the polar regions or IPY will find the Polar Day site to be well worth a visit!

The new Land and Life pages can be found at

The site includes classroom activities and summary flyers available in 17 languages; exciting personal profiles of scientists studying Land and Life in both the Arctic and Antarctic; a virtual balloon launch using Google Earth for students to get involved; three live events (in different timezones) connecting to polar researchers (great for students and teacher professional development); and Polar Land and Life resources endorsed by the scientific community--accessible scientific content about permafrost, ecology, hydrology, and terrestrial biodiversity.

Previous Polar Days explored the Polar Regions, Sea Ice, Ice Sheets, and our Changing Earth. Associated activities and information are available through

Future IPY Polar Days include “People” (September 24, 2008), “Above the Poles” (December 2008) and “Polar Oceans” (March 2009).

For more information on IPY, see