Together with the Governance documents it forms the foundation for UArctic as an organization, and defines the principles for implementation.

The first UArctic Strategic Plan was approved by the Board of UArctic in 2003. An updated version with changes in the program structure was approved in 2005. The Council of UArctic initiated a process to readress the existing Strategic Plan with the approval of the UArctic Master Program in 2006 and again in 2007. The Strategic Plan has earlier ben presented in two parts: part one clarified the main strategies and organization while part two gave quantifiable indicators as well as concrete implementation strategies on program level.

The Board of UArctic discussed the revision of the UArctic Strategic Plan in their meeting in October 2007 and launched a process to rewrite the document in two parts: UArctic Strategic Plan 2008-2013 and UArctic Strategic Implementation Plan 2008-2013. The new Strategic Plan identifies Thematic Networks as the primary operating principle for UArctic's activities and also outlines a clear thematic focus for UArctic as a whole.

The newly adopted Strategic Plan has undergone a thorough consultation process with the Board, the Rectors' Forum, UArctic membership, UArctic Programs and Committees as well as the Council.

UArctic' senior management will meet in Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, on September 18-22 to agree on the program content in the Strategic Implementation Plan which will be then put forward to the Board in November 2008.