The pan-arctic region is tightly connected with the sub-Arctic through significant supplies of Atlantic and Pacific water through the European Arctic Corridor and the Bering Strait. The advection of water, nutrients, biomass, and species from the south through the sub-Arctic has an essential impact on the function of the Arctic Ocean and the function and biodiversity of pan-arctic ecosystems. This supply is compensated by arctic water, nutrients, and biomass leaving the pan-Arctic through the western section of the pan-Arctic and the Canadian Archipelago.

The exchange of water and biomass through the sub-arctic region is essential for one of the world's most significant bioresources.
Decreasing ice-cover and increasing temperatures of in-flowing waters induces changes in the productivity and biodiversity of both the resource-rich sub-Arctic and the pan-arctic region.

Several IPY projects such as C3O and iAOOS as well as earlier investigations (e.g. - SBI and CABANERA) have resulted in detailed information about the sub-arctic/pan-arctic connection and its implication for the pan-arctic ecosystems and biodiversity. The session creates a setting where information regarding the physical forcing, ecosystem dynamics, and biodiversity changes are assembled and discussed.

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