Canadian Indian Affairs and Northern Development Minister Chuck Strahl, along with the Right Honourable Lord Paul Drayson, Minister of State for Science and Innovation for the United Kingdom, announced the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). 

The Ministers indicated the MOU will enable both nations to increase scientific cooperation in all aspects of polar research, including scientific exchanges, the sharing of polar infrastructure, and logistical support. The MOU will also establish a framework for future sharing of polar facilities and infrastructure, and will allow for the development of new opportunities for capacity building, training, communications and public outreach. Joint field studies and shared access to scientific expertise in the polar regions will also be pursued.

As part of Budget 2009, the Canadian Federal Government recently committed $87 million toward arctic research: $2 million to study the creation of a high arctic research station and $85 million to upgrade research infrastructure in the North.

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