The total budget of the Nordplus Framework Programme in 2009 is approximately 60,2 million DKK, or 8 million Euro. The Nordic Council of Ministers has called climatic issues to be the main prioritised area for the Nordplus Framework Programme in 2009. This is in line with political priorities both in Nordic and international context, and comes in addition to other prioritized areas within the different sub-programmes.

The priorities within each of the sub-programmes is available here.

A handbook for the Framework Programme is available in every section of  together with the Call for Proposals.

Applications should be submitted through the electronic application and reporting system ARS. The system has been improved and developed further since the previous application round, and a number of measures have been taken to achieve a user-friendly system. One of these measures is that the coordinator completes the application on behalf of its partners, who state their participation through a letter of intention. More details about the application round, including a Users’ Guide to the application system, is available in the ‘How to apply’-section on