This innovative, 6-credit, ten-day field course in Churchill, Manitoba provides students with hands-on field research experience in ecology, environmental science, and social research; it includes one week working in Wapusk National Park, a remote wilderness park along the Hudson Bay coast, accessible only by helicopter, as well as time spent at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre.

Program Objectives:

  1. Develop critical thinking, communication, and scientific research skills, as well as practical field research experience important for personal career development. Gain experience writing technical scientific reports and making formal presentations.
  2. Experience different cultures and learn how to incorporate local and traditional knowledge with ecological research and develop ways to interact with communities in order to do research in a respectful way.
  3. Consider the role of protected areas in tourism and conservation and identify meaningful ways to use science as to tool to support management.
  4. Obtain a holistic perspective of the ecology and cultures of the Hudson Bay coastal region.
The deadline for registration is 1 July 2009; however, space is limited,
so please register early.

For further information, please contact Ryan Brook

More detailed information can be found here.