As part of the nomination process, candidates are invited to apply for the post of Professor of Social Work related to welfare issues at the University of Lapland for a five-year tenure starting from 1st of January 2009. On account of the long nomination process, the faculty expects to fill the post by the 31st December 2009. Applicants are therefore asked to indicate if they are available to hold this post, to perform official duties on an interim basis, from the 1st of August to the 31st of December 2009.

The post of Professor of Social Work related to welfare issues belongs to the Department of Social Work in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Lapland. 

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The main duty of the professor is to carry out the administrative, pedagogic, and scientific implementation of the Master’s Degree Programme in Comparative Social Work (CSW) as a part of the Barents Cross Border University (BCBU) project, and to develop the programme further to the postgraduate level. This includes developing the curriculum, teaching social work and social welfare issues, developing research activities related to the CSW programme, supervising studies, and developing the cross-border PhD programme. The Professor of CSW is also engaged in other international activities of the department, especially in the development of research projects with Russia and activities with foreign students.

The professor is required to be engaged in and to supervise scientific research in social work; follow the scientific progress in the field; inspect research papers and advance the teaching in this field; supervise students in their studies; carry out examinations as requested; provide the university with the necessary reports on his or her teaching, publications, scientific activities, and examinations; take care of his or her general or mandatory duties or those handed down through membership in the university’s administrative organs; and to participate, to a reasonable extent, in the student selection process.

The salary of the person appointed to the post is based on the new salary system for universities, positional grades 8–11 (4176,45 - 6091,80 €/month ). A decision on the positional responsibilities of the post is made before formal appointment. In addition to the positional salary, the person appointed is paid according to personal performance, which is no more than 46% of the positional salary. On appointment the personal salary is evaluated at the level of the performance of a person with similar qualifications, experience, and previous performance.

The professor’s post is covered by the Act (856/91, amended 648/97) and Decree (1581/91, amended 462/98). The description of a professor’s application and appointment to office (Virantäyttöseloste) is available for free at the University Registry, e-mail or tel. +358 16 341 2238 or at

Applications are to be delivered by 4.15 pm on the 4th May 2009 to the following address: University of Lapland, PO Box 122, Registry (Yliopistokatu 8), 96101