My name is Anna Keremyasova; I study in Yakut State University, Russia.

Winter semester 2008 I spent in Alta as an exchange student, actually it was my first experience in Norway and in Europe as a whole. I must say that it was great!

In Alta I have taken the Norwegian language, Northern Norwegian Culture and Autumn Outdoor life activities.

Originally living in the north region I’m definitely very interested in its development. Another reason was that some of my friends have already been there, and they told me a lot about their experience. So I have decided to feel everything on my own skin.
anna k4
In distance of fourteen hours on the plane I have opened north from the new sight. I could never imagine that place like Alta could be such a great place of a huge experience for me. Sometimes amazing, sometimes challenging, but every time exiting.

One of the greatest lessons that I got during my studies in Norway, particularly in Outdoors Activities, is that there is no limits for my abilities. I became more purposeful, when tried to reach the top of the mountain or just finish hiking without any help. So step by step I became more experienced in it than I was before. I’m sure it would definitely help me in future.

I have met a lot of good people, who are very so exited and worried about their culture and their nature. I’ve made very good friends for life and learned to be independent. People here are extremely polite and helpful; they made my staying here even more exciting. I’ve learned a lot of things to take with me.

anna k3My first experience outside my hometown was unforgettable.

I’d like to tell everybody who is thinking about participating in programs like this. Own experience is something different from what is written in books or told by other people. It could not be compared with anything else.

To learn more about the north2north exchange program, please go here: north2north