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The Norwegian Polar Institute announces the availability of a new issue of Polar Research, Volume 28, Number 1, April 2009. The volume is a special edition on change impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability in the Arctic.

Edited by James Ford and Chris Furgal, the special edition features the following manuscripts:

- Climate impacts, adaptation and vulnerability in the Arctic
By: James D. Ford and Chris Furgal

- Community Collaboration and Climate Change Research in the Canadian Arctic
By: Tristan Pearce et al.

- Arctic Climate Change Discourse: The Contrasting Politics of Research Agendas in the West and Russia
By: Bruce Forbes and Florian Stammler

- Community Clusters in Wildlife and Environmental Management: Using TEK and Community Involvement to Improve Co-Management in an Era of Rapid Environmental Change
By: Martha Dowsley

- The Role of Governance in Community Adaptation to Climate Change
By: E. Carina H. Keskitalo and Antonina A. Kulyasova

- A Reindeer Herder's Perspective on Caribou, Weather, and Socio-Economic Change on the Seward Peninsula, Alaska
By: Kumi Rattenbury et al.

- Canadian Inuit Subsistence and Ecological Instability - If the Climate Changes, Must the Inuit?
By: George Wenzel

- Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate-Related Fire Impacts in Rural and Urban Interior Alaska
By: Sarah Trainor et al.

- Demographic and Environmental Conditions are Uncoupled in the Social-Ecological System of the Pribilof Islands
By: Henry Huntington et al.

- From Good to Eat to Good to Watch: Whale Watching, Adaptation and Change in Icelandic Fishing Communities
By: Niels Einarsson

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