The second Barents Tourism Today and Tomorrow seminar will be held in Rovaniemi, Finland,on May 6-7, 2009. The seminar will be arranged in cooperation with the Regional Council of Lapland, Finnbarents and Lapland Institute for Tourism Research and Education.

This year the focus of the seminar is on future prospects and opportunities of Barents tourism. During the first day international tourism trends in the Barents Region will be discussed by looking to the future tourism development in the Northern regions i.e. Northwest Russia, North Norway, North Sweden and North Finland.

In the second day the program will concentrate on tourism research and prospects of tourism business. The aim of the second day is to build an evermore stronger bridge between tourism research, tourism business and other tourism actors in the Barents region. At large the seminar aims to support tourism development in the Barents by highlighting undiscovered tourism opportunities and future tourism trends of the region.

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