The Department of Biology at Tromsø University in Norway, announces a PhD studentship in Arctic Winter Ecology: The Effect of Winter Processes on Tundra Plants and Arctic Ecosystems. Upon completing the three-year study period, the student would be expected to spend a fourth year
teaching or completing other duties for the university.

The project will study growing-season plant and tundra responses and will also measure and model ecosystem carbon fluxes at different temperatures and under varied snow and ice regimes throughout both winter and summer. Fieldwork on Svalbard will be carried out throughout the year, and experiments will also be undertaken in the phytotron (Klimalaboratoriet), at the University of Tromso.

The importance of winter processes in arctic ecosystems is only just being understood. Climate change, resulting in changes in snow conditions, will affect soil temperature, microbial activity and winter
respiration as well as growing season length. Investigation of these processes has begun in an experiment on Svalbard. The PhD candidate would be expected to develop her/ his PhD project within this existing framework and in conjunction with the supervisors.

The candidate should have experience with arctic plant ecology and gas exchange measurements and/ or other ecophysiological techniques. The student will be expected to undertake courses relevant to the subject of his / her PhD, in addition to some technical training courses. The candidate should be able to work both independently and in a team.

Applications must reference Ref. 2009/2073 and be completed electronically using jobbnorge's website
The application deadline is Monday, 18 May 2009.

For further information, please visit the website, or contact:
Elisabeth Cooper
Phone: +47-776-45244