The Resilience and Adaptive Management (RAM) Group at the University of Alaska is accepting applications for two PhD graduate studentships. These competitive positions are available for individuals interested in pursuing a PhD focusing on any aspect of the relationships between freshwater and human society, ranging from the social sciences to engineering. The approaches anticipated in this study involve a combination of quantitative (e.g., statistical, agent based modeling) and qualitative (e.g., participatory) methods including fieldwork in Alaska and the Russian Far East.

Candidates for these positions should have working experience with major statistical packages such SPSS. Some experience with geographic information systems (GIS), and a basic understanding of model
architecture, or a willingness to learn, is preferred. At least one of the ideal candidates will have some computer programming background or interest. The intention is for our funded research to form the core of the student's dissertation research and allow for some latitude in the development of questions and methods appropriate to emerging issues in the human hydrological system.

Support is offered at the National Science Foundation pay rate and includes tuition and research support; start time for the position is negotiable but is expected no later than Fall 2009. Primary residence will be in Anchorage with extended visits to the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) campus. Foreign students who currently reside in the U.S. and whose academic records reflect a level of excellence are encouraged to apply.

The Resilience and Adaptive Management Group has a strong program that focuses on resilience and diverse aspects of human/environment interactions. The group also has strengths in Geographic Information Science and agent-based modeling and is a national leader in the development of integrative resilience assessment tools. Opportunities exist to take classes in diverse fields of inquiry including engineering, geography, biology, anthropology, and mathematics. Students seeking training in resilience and water resources will find an extensive network of faculty on the University of Alaska campuses in a variety of supporting programs (e.g., Ecosystem Science and Management, Water and Environmental Research). The University of Alaska also has a large group of faculty interested in arctic and developing world issues. For more information about the Resilience and Adaptive Management Group and Institute of Northern Engineering at the University of Alaska please visit the websites by clicking on the links above.

The University of Alaska is situated in three stunning locales:
Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau. Each city offers unparalleled access to Alaska's world-class ecosystems and recreational activities while providing the conveniences of urban amenities and services. For more information on each location please click here and browse the websites for each of our Major Academic Units: AnchorageFairbanks, and Juneau.

To apply, please send a cover letter, a