He has just finished the third year of his studies (out of 5 years to get the specialist’s diploma), and in the course of 2 years (2009-2010) he was a student of the University of Nordland (Norway) where Evgeny studied both on-line and on-campus that was possible due to n2n program . The experience of studying abroad has given him a lot. Here is what he thinks of following the “Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies” program.

Bodo_evgeny2'I started the BCS program in autumn 2009. Actually, I’ve learnt about the program by chance, and I spent some time thinking whether it was a good idea to participate in it or not. I decided to participate, and it was the right decision.
According to the program, I was to study online during 2 semesters, and in the third semester I had a choice: I could continue studying online or I could go to Norway and study in Bodo for 3 months and a half. The second variant was much more attractive, of course.

Living in Norway is the best method to study it, and studying the North is, actually, my specialty. But studies themselves were not the only reason to go there. New people, new language, amazingly beautiful landscapes… It was one of the most interesting periods of my life, I guess.

If you know English well, there are no problems or difficulties with studies in Norway. Even if there are some, the benefits of such journey are really more important. For example, I have learnt a lot about Norway, I have improved my English, I have started learning Norwegian, I have really enjoyed the nature there. And the very process of study was interesting and diverse, as it included even a bus trip to the Sami cultural centre in Arran which took the entire day in the mid of November.

I could tell a lot about the teachers at UiN, about the people I have met and the nature I have seen, but I will not. It will be enough to say that everything was splendid, and Norway is one of my favorite countries now.

To conclude, I say “thank you” to everyone who made me able to participate in the BCS program and to go to Bodo, a very beautiful town in the North. And I strongly recommend to use the chance of going to Norway if you have such chance. You will never forget this wonderful experience, I can promise it.'

Evgeny Shepelev
Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Arkhangelsk, Russia
University of Norland, Bodo, Norway.