The contributors weave together a platform for studying and comparing these literatures across the borders of nation states and old colonial relations as yet another way of renegotiating outdated centre-periphery constructions. This literary landscape provides a map based on the indigenous peoples’ own descriptions and thoughts about their past and their future. Contributors include:

Karen Langgård and Kirsten Thisted: Introduction
Harald Gaski: Song, Poetry, and Images in Writing. Sami Literature
Malan Marnersdóttir: From Oral Poetry to Rap in the Faroes
Kirsten Thisted: Greenlandic Oral Traditions. Collection, Reframing and Reinvention
Karen Langgård: Greenlandic Literature from Colonial Times to Self-Government
Michael P. J. Kennedy: Canadian Inuit Literature in English. A Critical Bibliography
Noel McDermott: Canadian Literature in Inuktitut
William Schneider: Alaska Native Writers. Writing and Tradition
Alexander D. King: A Literary History of Koryak. Writing and Publishing an Indigenous Siberian Language 

The project, with Karen Langgård as main responsible, started as an International Polar Year project and has been funded by Nordic Ministers’ Council’s Arctic Joint Program 2006-2008 and University of Greenland Ilisimatusarfik’s Publishing Funding.

From Oral Tradition to Rap. Literatures of the Polar North
Karen Langgård and Kirsten Thisted (eds):
Published by Forlaget Atuagkat / Ilisimatusarfik, 2011, 287 pages.

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