Although we are not able to pay for the copyrights, we of course mention the photographers name and (if required) the institute he or she works for. The photographer always receives a copy of the print by regular mail. The image quality must be around 3500 x 2500 pixel.

With each photo we would appreciate:
• a short description about what we see and background information on the project/research;
• place;
• name of photographer / Institute;
• contact information.

You can send the photographs by e-mail. Should the files be very large, please send me a short note with your name and I will send you an invitation for a dropbox folder where you can upload the photographs.

We thank everyone who takes the effort to send in their photos. However, we usually receive more photographs than we can place and therefore have to make a selection based on geographical and thematic representation. We only notify the photographers who's contribution has been selected for publication.

Unless indicated otherwise, we will assume that we are free to use the photograph for any IASC involved publication. Non of the photographs in our database are used for commercial purposes. Should we receive a commercial request we will always refer the inquirer to the photographer.

If you have any further questions contact Mare Pit (e-mail: or by telephone: 0049 331 288 2214).