Foreign Minister Lene Espersen presented on 22 August, 2012, together with the the Prime Minister of the Faroe Government Kaj Leo Holm Johannesen and the Premier of Greenland, Kuupik Kleist, the Arctic strategy 2011-2020 of the Kingdom of Denmark. It has been prepared by the Danish government and the governments of the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The main goals of the Arctic strategy are to ensure a peaceful, secure and safe Arctic, with sustained economic growth and development, with respect for the vulnerable Arctic climate, environment and nature and close cooperation with our international partners.

The Kingdom of Denmark's official Arctic strategy recognizes the key need for cooperation in science and higher education in the region:
Nordic, European and wider international research and education cooperation is to be given high priority. For example, Danish and Greenland researchers are participating in the top Nordic research initiative on climate, environment and energy, which is one of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ globalization initiatives. The Kingdom also supports the running of the University of the Arctic - an association of circumpolar universities that offers a rich variety of courses relevant to Arctic students.