During the meetings of the UArctic Board of Governors and senior management (Ma-Mawi) in Levi, Finland in December 2012 the External Review Team conducted their review. Their findings and recommendations are detailed in the report, which will now be taken forward into the next Board meeting where they will help shape the UArctic Strategic Plan.

External Review Team members:
Tony Penikett, (Chair), Arctic Security Program Advisor, Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation, Toronto
• Ingvild Broch,
(Team Coordinator) former Director of Research University of Tromsø and leader of BEAR Working Group for Higher Education and Research
• Bernd Waechter, Director of Academic Cooperation Association, Belgium
• Daniel J. Julius, Executive Director of the LEVIN INSTITUTE, State University of New York (SUNY) Levin Institute.
• Olav Orheim, former director, Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway
• Arnaq Grove, Associate professor, University of Copenhagen; University of Greenland
• Anni-Siiri Länsman, Director, Giellagas Institute, University of Oulu, Finland
• Björn Dahlbäck, Director, Swedish Polar Research Secretariat
• Vladimir Pavlenko, Director of the Center for Arctic Studies, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Guðfriður Lilja Grétarsdóttir, Member of Parliament, Iceland, and Dmitry Berezhkov, Center for Nordlige Folk AS, Fossen, Norway were also appointed to the ERT but were unable to take part in the Levi meeting. They have consequently
not participated in the ERT’s deliberations

The University of the Arctic thanks the External Review Team for their hard work and thoughtful contributions in preparing this report. UArctic and the authors wish to express their thanks to the University of Lapland, the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation (Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation), the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research for their support of this External Review.