Staffan Widstrand is a photographer of world reknown.
Outdoor Photography Magazine in 2011 called him "one of the the World’s most influential nature photographers".
Widstrand has been frequently awarded in several major international photo competitions, like Wildlife Photographer of the Year and European Nature Photographer of the Year and is frequently invited as a juror in major competition juries, in 2013 f ex as a finals judge in World Press Photo. His work has been published in most of the World’s major magazines and newspapers and he has had or been part of exhibitions at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, Regional museums in Kristianstad and Luleå, Malmö museum, Skansen, Kolmårdens djurpark, Borås djurpark, internationally in Toronto, the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo, Tromsö museum, Bodö museum, Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle in Bonn, Rådhuset in Oslo, Finlandiahuset in Helsinki, the Swedish Embassy in Washington, in Mérida, and Mexico city, Mexico as well as in outdoor exhibitions in The Hague, Prague, Berlin, Madrid, Copenhagen and Stockholm. He is also the author of 15 books.
Widstrand was in 2012 awarded the "Golden Streamer Award" by the Dutch Postcode Lottery.
He is a co-founder of the "International League of Conservation Photographers" (ILCP), "The Scandinavian Big 5" carnivore info centre in Sweden, the mass communication initiative "Wild Wonders of Europe", the conservation initiative "Rewilding Europe", the Swedish Ecotourism Society and its quality label "Nature’s Best"
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Photo by Staffan Widstrand ( From the exhibition Nordic Light)

Staffan Windstrand