Much is happening in the field of Arctic law, as is well shown by this second edition of the Current Developments in Arctic Law. Soft-law documents and recommendations of the Arctic Council continue to be important source of “gently” harmonizing the way the Arctic nationstates apply and interpret the national legal provisions in Arctic conditions. In addition to this, hard-law has started to gain ground in the Arctic. The two agreements negotiated under the auspices of the Arctic Council, on search and rescue and oil spills, negotiations to complete the legally binding Polar Code that regulates navigation (also) in the Arctic and tentative discussions of an Arctic fisheries agreement have certainly provoked interest in Arctic legal issues. Moreover, various kinds of national, Arctic-specific legal regulations have also been issued by nation-states, such as the Act on the Northern Sea Route by the Russian Federation.


Current Developments in Arctic Law
Volume 2 (2014)
Edited by Timo Koivurova and Waliul Hasanat
University of the Arctic Thematic Network on Arctic Law (2014)

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