For the past weeks, the Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network (IACN) has been preparing a new site on its webpage, a network, where information about researchers and specialists in Iceland who focus on Arctic matters in their work is made available.

The goal is to gather and make available, in one place, information on the many individuals who work on Arctic research and projects in Iceland.

Registration is open to all intersted parties working on Arctic research and projects in Iceland, both in the public and private sectors.

IACN's partners were contacted and asked to point out individuals who would be possible candidates for such a network. The response was excellent and now there are some 60 individuals registered in the database. Information such as name and email, education, affiliation, main interests and specialities are registered as well as links to bibliographies, social media and other material online that provide information about their work, knowledge and experience. It is possible to search free text, but also filter results by affiliation and/or standard topics.

For more information contact:

Icelandic Arctic Cooperation Network
Borgum | 600 Akureyri