Funding supports projects that aim to identify and reinforce the degree of involvement of the small-scale fishing sector in industry organisations, or in publicly established bodies and other platforms pursuing the objective of sustainable management of fisheries, and that promote the exchange of good practices and facilitate the involvement of the small-scale fishing sector in new advisory councils and decision-making processes.

Proposals may include the following eligible activities:

•mapping of existing organisations and bodies that represent the EU’s small-scale fisheries at local, national or EU level, and of the presence of these organisations in industry bodies at national and European level;

•studies to identify and catalogue the degree of representation and involvement of the small-scale fishing sector in advisory councils;

•actions related to the setting up or further strengthening of organisations ensuring appropriate representation of the small-scale fishing sector in the advisory and decision- making process both nationally and at European level;

•the creation and improvement of networks of small-scale fishermen, the development of methods and actions to encourage exchange of good practices, and cross-border, regional and local cooperation projects promoting the exchange of good practices, with the aim of helping the small-scale fishing sector to become more involved in the advisory and decision-making process;

•strengthening the small-scale fishing sector’s involvement in stakeholders organisations;

•awareness-raising and communication activities;

•organisation of seminars and meetings;

•providing training.

The call is open to natural persons and profit or non-profit private organisations, or other interested associations, established in EU member states. Proposals may be submitted by individual persons or entities, or consortia thereof.

The total budget is €1.5 million, with individual grants worth between €100,000 and €300,000 to cover up to 90 per cent of eligible costs. The commission expects to fund between six and eight projects, each lasting up to 24 months. Eligible direct project costs include: staff, subsistence, travel to meetings, depreciation of equipment, consumables and supplies, contracts awarded to third parties, implementation of the project, setting up an association, pre-financing guarantees, external audits and VAT. Eligible indirect costs are calculated at a flat rate of seven per cent of the total eligible direct costs.

For more information, see the Call announcement.