The main criteria for choosing the winners were the relevance and practical value of projects for the territory of the northern indigenous minorities, preserved the traditional way and crafts.

The project of the SibFU Trade and Economic Institute aims at the development of scientific and practical justification of bakery production using a powder made of sunchoke. Food raw materials from this plant is valued for its high content of vitamins and minerals required for northern inhabitants’ diet.

Another project "Evenk Reindeer" presented by the SibFU Institute of Economics, Management and Environment is aimed at the study of wild deer in the territory of Evenkia. In spring this year, researchers tagged 10 reindeers with collars equipped bysatellite navigation system, allowing in real time to see the geography of their migrations. Reliable data on migration is of great interest both to sciencists and indigenous peoples, as the reindeer is the basis of the ecosystem in the Evenki district. According to experts, the project "Evenk reindeer", awarded by grant from ESOGC for the second year, can now be called the most effective.