We implement a unique idea – Arctic region-oriented Russian language study, including:

• The Land of Pomors: Traditions and Culture;

• Northern Texts;

• Past and Present of The Russian North

Summer School Arkh2

We teach Russian to students with any language proficiency level:

• Elementary level/ basic level – you do not speak Russian at all or just begin to study the language;

• 1st certificate level – you are already familiar with basic rules of Russian grammar, you can read, speak and write in Russian;

• 2nd certificate level - you can speak Russian quite fluently, but want to perfect your language skills.

Summer School Arkh1

We organize a special program to expand your cultural knowledge in the authentic setting of the Russian North.

The program includes:

• excursions and visits to museums (to explore the wooden architecture, traditions and culture of the Pomor people), concerts and theatre performances;

• workshops, discussion clubs, round tables;

• integration into our university every-day life;

• tours and walks in Arkhangelsk.

The application deadline: April 20, 2016

You will find more information here.