Much of the current Arctic studies aims at explaining and understanding change in the Arctic from macro-level, structural perspectives to identify trends, scenarios and strategies of governing environmental, economic and social changes in the region. The existing knowledge base on adaptation to change in the Arctic is somewhat biased in its focus on rural and indigenous communities, traditional livelihoods and North American studies. Also, current approaches capture only partially the politics in coping with changes in everyday life, that is, in work, consumption, and mobility.

The symposium welcomes contributions about change in everyday life in the Arctic and tactics of tackling changes, and different ways to capture them in research through conceptual and theoretical development, methodological innovations and presentations of empirical case studies. We encourage contributions focusing on everyday life in urban, multicultural, and non-traditional or mixed livelihoods from European Arctic or Russia.

Deadline for proposals

Please send your abstract (max. 250-words) with your name, title, affiliation and contact information by May 31, 2016 by email to Paula Tulppo (


The programme will include keynote talks, presentations by the participants and discussions on the basis of presentations. A symposium dinner will be organized.

The accepted papers and programme will be announced by June 17, 2016.

Deadline for registration

Please register your participation to symposium organizer by August 31, 2016, by email to Paula Tulppo ( Let us know if you have any wishes about the diet.

Travel and accommodation

The event will be held in Rovaniemi centre. Information about travel and accommodation arrangements will be sent to the participants. For presenters and research team members, the event is free of charge.

More information

Symposium organizer, research professor Monica Tennberg, research professor, Northern political economy/Sustainable development, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland (

The organization team Hanna Lempinen (, Adrian Braun (, Paula Tulppo ( and Raija Kivilahti (