• Zackenberg, Northeast Greenland – Tomas Roslin and colleagues will be working at Zackenberg as usual, from the first days of June to August. There will be a mixed set of people coming and going (Tuomas Kankaanpää, Bernhard Eitzinger, Tea Huotari, Mikko Tiusanen, Elisabet Ottosson, and Riikka Kaartinen with her team from the UK). In particular, we will be focusing on spatial variation in interaction network structure along elevational and phenological gradients, with a special emphasis on
    plant-pollinator, plant-herbivore and predator-prey interactions. They will be working towards the Panarctic Parasitoid Project.
  • Station Nord, North Greenland – Oskar Hansen and Tobias Sandfeld from Aarhus University (AU), Denmark will sample arthropods with pitfall and malaise traps in this location in the far north and collect samples of Nysius groenlandicus for lab experiments Disko Island, West Greenland – Toke Høye, Kristian Jakobsen and Jean-Claude Kresse (AU) will do a screening project possibly leading to a new monitoring program for arthropods within the Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring programme.
  • Narsarsuaq, South Greenland – Toke Høye, Mathias Skytte, Thøger Henriksen, Maja Møholt (AU) will continue monitoring arthropods in permanent plots in combination with targeted projects on mosquitos, wolf spiders and herbivorous insects. Brent Sinclair and Susan Anthony will visit from Western University, Canada to study cold tolerance in wolf spiders at the same site.
  • Tombstone Park, Yukon Territory– Shaun Turney (PhD student with Chris Buddle) will be at Tombstone Park in the Yukon Territory to do some experimental work on the effects of spider predators on the mesofauna living in the tundra. He will also be doing feeding trials to try to assess and quantify what spiders are eating in sub-Arctic habitats. This work will be part of Shaun’s PhD on the structure of arthropod-based food webs in the Yukon.
  • Cambridge Bay, Nunavut – Ecological monitoring of arthropods will be continuing in Cambridge Bay, headed by researchers at the Canadian High Arctic Research Station: this will be the third year of monitoring in that area. Former McGill MSc student Elyssa Cameron will be playing a role in overseeing that monitoring project.
  • Toolik, Alaska – Amanda Koltz will be travelling to Toolik, Alaska to plan the implementation of an arthropod monitoring program as part of the Arctic LTER.