Sixteenth International Scientific Conference for Students and Post-graduates “Problems of the Arctic Region” is devoted to scientific, environmental, technical, economic, and social aspects of the development of the Arctic. The conference program includes the following sessions:

  • Biology  and  medicine
  • Chemistry  and  technologies
  • Ecology  of  the north
  • Economical  problems  of  arctic development
  • Education  in  the  arctic  region
  • Geology  and  geophysics  of  the  arctic region
  • Humanitarian and social  problems
  • Hydrobiology
  • Information  technologies and
  • Mathematical methods
  • Marine  biology
  • Problems  of  physics.

Students and post-graduates interested in participating in the Conference are welcome to send their registration forms and papers to the Steering Committee until 21 April 2016.

The conference is organized by Polar Geophysical Institute, Murmansk Arctic State UniversityMurmansk State Technical University and Murmansk Marine Biological Institute KRS RAS.

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