The UArctic student group will be joined by 10 selected students from Korean universities. Participants will need to be available for the 10-day Program and consider their travel time to Korea.  The Program will include lectures on Arctic issues (4 to 5 days) given by Korean and international experts, and field trips (3 to 4 days) to Korean government related organizations, research institutions, and industrial sites.

A certificate of completion will be co-issued by UArctic and KMI to participants who successfully complete the program.

UArctic members from Arctic States (UArctic member institutions from the Arctic Council member states: US, Canada, Russia, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark/Greenland/Faroe Islands) are called upon to nominate up to two students per member institution to participate in this program.  Member institutions should take into consideration when making the nomination that indigenous students will be prioritized in the overall selection.

Please submit, for each nominated students, a CV (should include email address and telephone number) and motivation letter together in one document, and send to by March 30, 2017. We do not accept applications directly from students. Home institution needs to select you.

For students: If you are unsure of whom to contact from your home institution, please go to UArctic member profiles and click your institutional profile and the Representative on Council or north2north contacts (if your institution is involved with the north2north program).

The following eligibility criteria apply:
20 Bachelor/Master/PhD students from UArctic member institutions in Arctic States are selected for the program. Students with an indigenous background will be given preference for the program during the selection process. The program is open to students of all academic backgrounds.

-The student should be registered at a UArctic member institution in an Arctic State for an academic degree

-The Bachelor-level students should have finished their second year of study

-The student is motivated to actively participate and to enhance understanding of the Arctic and Korea

-The student must have sufficient knowledge of English, both oral and written

The organizer (will be announced soon, tentatively KMI) in Korea will cover:
- Round-trip flight tickets between Korea (Busan) and the nearest airport to the student
- Designated accommodation in Korea during the official period of the Academy (5-15 July, 11 nights)
- Additional lodging caused inevitably by flight schedule in accordance to KMI’s financial guideline
- Transportation within Korea needed for participation in the program activities

*KMI will not be providing any other types of support other than the ones mentioned above.

Students are responsible for the following expenses:
- Personal travel insurance covering medical expenses, flight accidents etc.
- Costs incurring from taking land transportation within one’s own country
- Costs for activities that is not part of the official program
- Costs for additional stay in Korea before or after the official program period, 5(check-in)-16(check-out), July
- Any additional costs resulting from altering the flight schedule provided by organizer to include other destinations other than the student’s home country
- Other personal expenses such as costs for issuing passport and documentations needed for participating in the Academy

Decisions procedure
The final decision on the participants is targeted to be made by the UArctic and Korea Maritime Institute by the end of April. Home institutions and selected students will be notified about the decision soon after.

Selected students should submit a 10-slide power point presentation to the KMI Secretariat by the end of May, 2017. The KMI Secretariat will approach each selected students with detailed information after the selection process has been completed.

If the selected student does not reply to or submit the requested material by the KMI Secretariat based on the notified guidelines, KMI holds the right to cancel his/her participation to the Academy and give that opportunity to the next applicant for the purpose of the program.

If you have questions, please contact: