Arctic Arts Summit 2017 is the first summit and conference where all eight Arctic countries participate to highlight circumpolar arts and culture. The Arctic Arts Summit will serve as a catalyst for new knowledge and perspectives. The summit also aims to stimulate to the building of sustainable continuous collaborations within arts and creative industries and broader the international high north development.

Two UArctic Thematic Networks are also involved in speaker roles: UArctic World Ensemble and Arctic Sustainable Arts and Design (ASAD).

On the first day of the summit, politicians from all the Arctic countries will present thoughts on how they read the Arctic culture and the Arctic art scene today. Invited keynote speakers will reflect upon the position of the Arctic in the fields of art, and the standing of culture in the Arctic. Day two will feature a wide range of breakout sessions hosted by circumpolar arts institutions and organizations. These sessions will have academic, artistic and development perspectives, and include participants from all the Arctic countries.

The summit will present an Arctic arts program with music, performing and visual arts, representing all participating countries. Art from the circumpolar north will be essential in Arctic Arts Festival, following the summit.

Arctic Arts Summit takes place in Harstad, Norway, Wednesday 21 to Thursday 22 June 2017. The summit is planned as a biennial event, rotating between Arctic countries. The Arctic Arts Festival takes place from June 24 until July 1.

Norway holds the Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2017. The Arctic Arts Summit is part of the Presidency’s Sector Programme for Culture.