Korea Polar Research Institute is a government-sponsored polar research institute of the Republic of Korea. While serving as the operator of national polar programs, KOPRI also advocates international cooperation in polar science and research.

Arctic Science Fellowship Program is designed to promote research collaboration in the Arctic, and provide future generation scientist with networking and research opportunities. KOPRI invites prospective candidates to submit applications for the fellowship.

The participants will be provided with a round-trip airfare, moderate living expenses, and accommodation at KOPRI guesthouse. Those who wish to apply to the Fellowship Program are highly encouraged to contact KOPRI scientists and discuss their research proposal before they submit their application. KOPRI’s International Cooperation Team is willing to assist in this process.

Once selected, the commencement dates and the details of the research activities are to be adjusted through consultation with the cooperating KOPRI scientists, and the details should be forwarded to the International Cooperation Team for traveling and accommodation arrangements.

For more information, look at KOPRI call for applications.