"The meeting will take place at the North-Eastern Federal University. We are going to discuss the development of our organisation, of which Russian Federation is an important member. In particular, the governors, who determine the strategic agenda, will discuss the issues of enhancing academic mobility of universities and colleges in the Arctic", said UArctic President Lars Kullerud.

He also noted that more than 50 educational organisations from Russia are UArctic members. "Today the Arctic as a strategic region is of interest for the non-Arctic states as well. That is why we are going to look into the possibilities for widening academic mobility with countries not situated in the Arctic and yet having significant research and educational potential in this field", added Lars Kullerud.

Another issue to be discussed is professional education. According to Lars Kullerud, several UArctic Governors will visit the Arctic Skills international professional competition, which is to take place in April 2018 at the Arctic College of the Peoples of the North in the town of Chersky in Nizhnekolymsky district of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia).

http://tass.ru/v-strane/4987313 (in Russian)