Patrik Andersson, a researcher in the Department of Culture and Global Studies at Aalborg University, had the opportunity to visit Nuuk, Greenland to connect and network with key stakeholders as a part of his PhD project. 

Andersson is researching a project titled "Chinese Arctic Mineral Interests: Investigating Institutional and Political Research" which studies the various economic and political drivers behind Chinese investments in the Arctic mining sector. 

The north2north staff mobility program allowed for Andersson to visit Nuuk to establish contact with key stakeholders within the Greenlandic mining industry.  Andersson spent two weeks in Nuuk discussing his project with Greenlandic and Danish civil servants, politicians, academics, mining companies, consultancies and NGOs.  The trip allowed for Andersson to present his project to fellow researchers where he received invaluable advice and feedback, new connections within Greenland and Copenhagen, and allowed him to familiarize himself with the environment and community of Nuuk for future research trips.  Andersson said his visit to Nuuk enabled him to "understand different stakeholders' views on the potential role of China in developing mining in Greenland".  

UArctic's north2north mobility program provides opportunities to study, teach and carry out research in different parts of the North.