The Summer School initiative is called Living in the Landscape (LiLa). The Summer School will be held in the island of Træna in Nordland, Norway in June 2020.

LiLa will bring together researchers, lecturers and MA and PhD students from different disciplines to learn from each other in the study of Arctic environments, communities and landscapes. Besides academic and artistic aims LiLa seeks to find culturally and socially sustainable solutions to meet the need of sustainable development and thus benefit its inhabitants, communities and other stakeholders.

LiLa aims to develop long-term multidisciplinary collaboration for international Summer School organised in collaboration with 5 Universities (Nord University, Norway; University of Lapland, Finland; Syktyvkar State University, Komi, Russia; UiT The Arctic University of Norway; Uppsala University, Sweden) and with museums, research and education institutions from each country.

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Timo Jokela, timo.jokela (at)
Mette Gårdvik, mette.gardvik (at)
Elina Härkönen, elina.harkonen (at)


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