Publishing a book is great accomplishment of the Network, as it is its first endeavour on shared research.

The book includes ten chapters, representing nine countries across the Arctic and beyond, including a chapter representing Sami perspective. The book discusses a wide range of inclusive policies and highlights similarities and differences between these countries. The final concluding chapter of the book represents southern perspective, as it is written by Sue Dockett from Australia.

Editorial team of the book is group of active Network members: Mhairi C. Beaton from Leeds Beckett University, Diane B. Hirshberg from University of Alaska Anchorage, Gregor R. Maxwell from UiT The Arctic University of Norway and Jennifer Spratt from University of Aberdeen. The book is published by University of Lapland.

The printed version of the book will be published on May 28 in Arkhangelsk, in connection with Arctic Science Summit Week.

Publishing the book is part of Arctic Council's Sustainable Development Working Group's (SDWG) project 'Teacher Education for Diversity and Equality in the Arctic', implemented by the UArctic TN Teacher Education. The book is a draft to be accepted as product of Arctic Council in the Ministerial Meeting in May.

The project is funded by Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture through IBA allowance of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The project supports the priorities of Finnish Chairmanship of Arctic Council in the field of Education.

Open access online book is available here.