Forum for identifying growth points for creative industries in the Arctic region, achieving synergistic creative initiatives and opportunities in sustainable development areas. Forum participants make a great contribution to the creation of unique educational projects aimed at supporting young talents.

International speakers, leading experts and entrepreneurs of art communities representing the creative industries of various regions of Russia and foreign countries will share their experience in developing the sector of creative industries. The central theme of the forum will be the social significance of creative industries for the development of the region.

The forum has the support of the ministries and departments of the regional government, the municipalities of the Murmansk region. Representatives of the art community representing the creative industries of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Kaliningrad, Simferopol, Pskov, Kostroma, Omsk and Yaroslavl will speak at the Forum as experts. Speakers from abroad represent such countries as India, China, Finland and Norway.

Key topics for discussion at the Forum:

  • Cinema. Professional and amateur films about the Arctic
  • Arctic urbanism: how to bring significant urban projects to fruition
  • Creative industries. Business sphere
  • Education in the field of creative industries
  • Development of tourism in the Arctic region
  • Symbolic resources of the Arctic region: myths, brands, cultural landscapes and creative practices
  • Arctic design

For more information please see the Information letter Creative Industries of the Arctic Region.