Many students use these credits in their Master's degree, while some take it as a free-standing course. The application can be submitted online through the application portalthe deadline is February 15th 2021. Please see below for further information:

About the course

The Arctic has gained increased public, political, commercial and academic interest over the last decade, as global climate change continues to transform the region. There is an increasing demand for state-of-the-art knowledge about the region from truly interdisciplinary viewpoints and multi-scale perspectives (e.g. past, present and future changes, as well as feedbacks between and within the environment and society). The course will be structured around three major modules with the opportunity for cross-thematic discussions and knowledge transfer; (1) Natural Sciences and Technology,  (2) Law and Legal Regimes, and (3) Governance and Society. More information can be found in A Changing Arctic​.


We welcome applicants with a Bachelors degree from a broad range of disciplines, though the priority of admission will be given to those with a background in law, social sciences or natural sciences. Applicants with degrees from other fields are also encouraged to apply but should explain how their disciplinary background may add to class discussions. The course relies on active participation from students. All applicants are invited to state in their Statement of purpose how their academic, professional, and personal experience will enable them to contribute to class discussions, and how they hope the course will further their professional development.

About the International Summer School

The International Summer School at the University of Oslo is a long-standing prestigious institution that values international diversity and cross-cultural exchange in its classroom pedagogy. Students will be invited into an international and academic network of fellow scholars and professionals that they will enjoy long after the course ends.