Murmansk State Technical University (MSTU) delegates and Konstantin Zaikov, NArFU’s Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and Information Policy, talked over relevant areas for international cooperation in the Arctic: biomonitoring, climate change, micro- and macroplastic pollution, green construction and smart cities. Decision was taken to intensify cooperation between the two universities in the National Arctic Research and Education Consortium.

NArFU’s Higher School of Economics, Management and Law faculty presented their experience in implementing international projects in logistics and transport, industrial tourism and managing tourist flows, as well as expressed support for developing an international joint master degree program in Logistics Systems Management in the Arctic.

Higher School of Engineering representatives shared the research results obtained from international and national projects in energy efficiency, creating comfortable urban environment and designing low-rise buildings in the North, and formulated their ideas about developing cooperation within UArctic Thematic Networks - Arctic Urban Planning and Design and Arctic Safety and Security. Yana Karachentseva, senior lecturer at the Department of Construction, Power Engineering and Transport (Murmansk State Technical University) presented "Green Arctic Building" Kolarctic CBC project, results already obtained and possibilities for research within the project which were of high interest to School of Engineering faculty. MSTU delegates were taken to Pilot Remote Access Lab and Composite Building Materials Lab.

Marina Kalinina, Rector’s Advisor on International Cooperation at NArFU, UArctic Vice-President for interregional cooperation gave an update on the latest changes in the University of the Arctic, its prospects for research and educational cooperation development, capacity of the UArctic Research Office hosted by NArFU, projects and activities planned under the Russian Chairmanship in the Arctic Council such as the UArctic Congress on October 4-7 2022, Moscow, and International Youth Model of the Arctic Council.

International Cooperation Department at Northern (Arctic) Federal University shared their practical experience in implementing international projects and using online resources in working with international students.

Murmansk State Technical University would like to acknowledge Northern (Arctic) Federal University for their dedication, involvement and brilliant ideas on cooperation prospects.