It is a “school of dialogue” and participatory by nature with an idea to share knowledge and experiences with communities. On the other hand, it is an interdisciplinary brainstorming meeting to bring researchers and other experts from different fields, regions and countries together for to discover innovations and new methods and to inspire international research projects as well as plans and applications. The Calotte Academy is for established researchers and early-career scientists (ECS), particularly PhD candidates and post-docs, with different academic and/or knowledge backgrounds to participate and present their work in the 2021 Calotte Academy.

The 2021 Academy, with the title New and Emerging Trends of Arctic Governance, Geopolitics, Geoeconomics and Science, takes place on 15-21 November 2021 in the European Arctic, including sessions in Rovaniemi, Enontekiö, Kautokeino Kirkenes, Sevettijärvi and Inari (in Finland, Norway and Sapmi). The objective of the Calotte Academy is first of all to educate and supervise earlycareer scientists / young researchers in circumpolar Arctic studies. The theme of the 2021 Academy is inspired on the one hand, by the substantial, multidimensional and multi-theoretical discussions on perceptions, images, visions of, and discourses on the Arctic, as well as Arctic governance and geopolitics (e.g. the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy (AEPS) signed in June 1991). On the other hand it is inspired by new and emerging trends of Arctic governance and geopolitics based on the IIASA analysis Arctic Policies & Strategies – Analysis, Synthesis and Trends of existing policies of the Arctic States, Indigenous peoples organizations’, Arctic Council Observer States, and AC Chairmanship programs & Ministerial declarations.

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