The Triennial is held every three years at the end of the year. The first Triennial took place in December 2018 in Yakutsk.

The Triennial aims to reflect and comprehend the geocultural features of the Arctic. It will be formed mainly on regional material. The exhibition will bring together the artists working in residences and creative clusters, it will also involve archival material from research institutions and museums. Particular attention will be paid to the issues of everyday culture, identities, metaphorical, figurative and ecological aspects, the structure and semantics of Arctic landscapes and peoples of the North.

The project involves the organization of an international exhibition and competition, scientific and practical conference, seminars with the participation of art works by professional artists, teachers, students of professional educational institutions of culture and arts in Russia and abroad, as well as a wide range of specialists.

The significance of the project lies in expanding the creativity of the Arctic in the global cultural process, promoting the creative achievements of the region, converging the goals and objectives of Russian and world contemporary culture, sharing the pedagogical experiences of educational institutions.

The following works of art are considered in the Competition:

  • painting (academic painting, decorative painting, experimental painting),
  • graphics (printed graphics, unique graphics, rare and mixed techniques),
  • video art and media (video, video installations, etc.),
  • sculpture,
  • art objects (environment, small architectural forms, interior installations, etc.),
  • arts and crafts and traditional art (by types of arts and crafts, traditional forms,
    experimental art),
  • design (buildings, urban and rural complexes, graphic and digital design, environmental
    design, interior design, textiles, costume design, leather, fur and other materials
  • theatrical art (scenography, costume, theater poster).

Applications for participation in offline and online format and competitive works are accepted
until November 26, 2021. More information is available in the information letter.