Theme of the Competition

The competition aims at the needs of spreading and popularizing ice and snow culture in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, promoting the technological and artistic innovation of ice and snow architecture, and promoting the sustainable development of ice and snow culture and ice and snow industry. It is hoped that designers can adopt ice and snow or composite ice and snow materials (other environmental protection materials can be selected according to the design needs, and the proportion of other materials shall not exceed 10% of the total building volume), Integrate modern industrial technical means, and carry out innovative research on the materials, structure, form, construction technology and functional layout of ice and snow buildings on the basis of the existing research on ice and snow buildings and ice and snow culture, so as to promote the development of ice and snow construction technology, serve the needs of the Winter Olympic Games, disseminate characteristic ice and snow culture and enhance the experience of ice and snow activities, At the same time, it brings more possibilities for ice and snow materials and ice and snow technology. The following aspects must be taken into account:

  1. Respecting the construction history of frigid region ice and snow architecture;
  2. Expanding the technological innovation of ice and snow architecture
  3. Adapting the special frigid region climatic environment
  4. Considering functional innovation for the Winter Olympics
  5. Combining both economy and feasibility

Topic of the competition

Innovative design and construction of ice architecture — Ice house innovation design competition for the Winter Olympics.

Site location

The designer can choose any venue in the Olympic host city and Olympic related cities, but it is necessary to ensure the applicability of ice and snow materials in the base. The size of each team’s construction site of is 12m×12m, unlimited height.


Each team has no more than 4 students and young architects and 1-2 instructors. It is allowed to form teams across universities / institutions (no more than 3 universities / institutions).

Prize and award

The prize setting and reward methods are as follows:

1st Prize 1team (¥_5000 and certificate)

2nd Prize 2teams (¥_3000 and certificate)

3rd Prize 3 teams(¥_1000 and certificate) 


Registration Deadline: December 20, 2021

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